What We Can Do To Help Your Company Grow

Our Services

With a strong background in both marketing & advertising, we always analyze your business model, your competition, your growth goals and your target audience to determine the best approach for growing your business.

These services can include:

• Brand Development/Logo Design

• Campaign Development (establish a long term strategy)

• Social Media Marketing with monthly reports

• Google Business Page, Google Ads & Google Analytics

• Graphic Design

• Website Design

• Email Marketing/Email List Management

• Blog Posts/Copywriting

• Media Purchasing

• Event Planning

• Strategy Planning/Implementation


About Napkins That Fly

The entire concept is based off of a small pizza restaurant/bar that opened years ago in Columbia, SC. It was surrounded by fierce competition, and needed something to stand out (besides having amazing pizza). The decision was made to "throw napkins" into the air, only when certain songs were played on the jukebox.

This simple gesture projected the business into overnight success. It quickly became the best spot in town for a good drink and delicious pizza for years to come.

The business was sold years later, but the flying napkins concept still remains today: You don't always need a huge budget, a media blitz, geo-fencing or other vastly expensive marketing techniques. You just need to identify what makes your business stand out from all of your competitors. You need to find your “Flying Napkin.”


Creative Director/Owner: Dave Shaw

Dave graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Journalism. With over 25 years of experience, he helps companies grow and save money at the same time. His experience makes Flying Napkins your one-stop-shop for any and all marketing & advertising.

A Few Accomplishments:

  • Doubled Arlington Realty's Property Management Business in 9 months with a targeted Google Advertising Campaign
  • Created logo/branding packaging designs for Fishbonz™, which secured a multi-million dollar deal between the client and Target stores across the nation
  • Provided concept development, branding and all design work for DriftJam Flotilla Music Festival, recognized as one of the top floating music festivals worldwide from American Express
  • Created the statewide holiday billboard campaigns for Palmetto State Armory which garnished attention all over the state and led to a CNN Headline News interview discussing the billboards
  • Created all branding & marketing for SakiTumi Grill & Sushi Bar, a small independent restaurant in it's 13th year of successful operation
  • Created branding, partnership proposals, merchandise and more for up and coming country music singer/songwriter Ricky Young